Agricoltura Capodarco

Social organic farming as a founding character

The cooperative Agricoltura Capodarco has started its farming activities in the Seventies, and by the time there has been a sharp evolution toward social organic farming. In fact, Agricoltura Capodarco currently employs several people with special needs in organic farming.

Social organic farming means to produce very healthy crops and to do social activities to empower the employees which work in the company. Thanks to Agricoltura Capodarco, fifty people with special needs work the land and have the opportunity to access daily care, creative laboratories and permanent training classes for work specialisation. We work to make organic farming as means for inclusion and solidarity.

Much more than a rural cooperative

Agricoltura Capodarco is above all a community of social farming. Social farming is first of all for the users, to empower them in terms of social skills, therapeutical patterns, rehab, and permanent training. Agricoltura Capodarco is also about the families of Grottaferrata, the small town where the cooperatives has its farm and lands. Such families have developed a strong bond with organic farming, responsible consumption, work sharing and respect for everyone and for the environmental heritage.

In Agricola Capodarco we have fused the values of social sharing and organic farming, crafting a production of daily fresh vegetables, extra-virgin olive oil, honey and biscuits. What is more, Agricola Capodarco also makes excellent wine and has great cuisine with its restaurant. If you want to visit the place, you can even stay in our beautiful rooms in the farm.

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