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De Sanctis Winery has operated since 1816 in Frascati countryside, south of Rome. The vineyards are in one of the territories that have witnessed the foundation of the ancient Roman Republic. Such a luxurious countryside hosted the mythic Lake Regillus where a legendary battle happened between the Romans and the Latins which finally decided the hegemony of Rome in Latium. De Sanctis winery is the gatekeeper of such a beautiful environment. In fact, via organic farming natural cycles and history comes across for a unique high-level organic production.

By generations, De Sanctis winery has specialised in organic farming of Malvasia Puntinata, Malvasia di Candia, Bombino, Tuscan Trebbiano and Cabernet Franc. Organic wines by De Sanctis are an excellent result of history, territory and innovation in organic farming.

De Sanctis: organic by nature

De Sanctis winery was renewed and now it is a perfect example of architecture and technology, with innovative spaces and sustainable materials that are compatible with the local soil character. De Sanctis also features a geotermic plant to reduce the CO2 emission and have a low-impact wine.
What is more, De Sanctis winery is well known for its hospitality. You are welcome to enjoy relaxing and sustainable weekends surrounded by the vineyards in the exclusive rooms of the winery.

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