Marco Carpineti

From the history of ancient lands

Marco Carpineti is one of the most important organic companies in Lazio Region and Italy. Marco Carpineti winery is placed on the sweet hill of Cori, an authentic jewel of history, a fascinating town not far from the sea, a unique mosaic of pre-Roman, Roman, Mediaeval and Renaissance monuments. The story of Marco Carpineti started with a challange – overlap the brand of a product with the brand of a territory. During the Eighties, Marco Carpineti, the founder, resigned from its former job to make his vision real, starting the work from four hectars of vineyards. Today, Marco Carpineti cultivates more than sixty hectars of vineyards and olive trees only with biodynamic and organic farming methods.

The vineyards as art pieces

Marco Carpineti winery is a combination of the beauty of the vineyard landscapes, of the winery design and extreme quality of the produced wines. The vineyards are on volcanic, tuff, and calcareous hills and express only a few types of indigenous vines. The production is mainly hand-based and it is entirely inspired by organic farming. Among the white berries, we can mention Bello and Greco Moro. Among the red ones, Marco Carpineti features Cesanese, Montepulciano, Nero Buono and Abbuoto. Marco Carpineti also produces high-quality organic extra-virgin olive oil. Marco Carpineti has distinguished itself for its finesse, the experience aspect in the winery, the cultural events, and the continuous innovation leading to many awards. Marco Carpineti is the current president of the Latina Wine Trail, and member of Produttori Biologici del Lazio.

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