De Sanctis: in the heart of Frascati

De Sanctis is a gatekeeper of the Frascati territory and in the video you can watch its extraordinary vineyards. De Sanctis winery is a perfect example of architecture and technology, with innovative spaces and sustainable materials that are compatible with the local soil character.

Marco Carpineti, an organic treasure

Marco Carpineti is one the most famous organic business in Lazio Region that combines innovation, environmental protection and traditions enhancement. That is why you should really visit such a magnificent winery.  This is the grapes picking season in Cori. 

Trebotti: a zero-impact winery. For real.

Trebotti has accepted the challenge of cultivating Manzoni Bianco with organic methods in Lazio region. Typically, Manzoni Bianco is cultivated in North-Eastern Italy. Why that? Because the three Botti brothers (Tre-three-Botti) are the grand-grand-grand children of Luigi Manzoni, the Italian agronomist which developed the variety! Trebotti winery is also for organic farming because it has …

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The virtual tour of Donato Giangirolami

Donato Giangirolami is a vision on territory and farming since 1957, winery specialised in organic wine production. Donato Giangirolami often organises events to let its customers know better the vineyards and the products. Would you like to have dinner among the vineyards? It is easy and safe. Click here to book your wine experience.